Sunday, October 25, 2015

Home Exchange Bond (part 2 of 2)

You can base the information you have to give mostly on the questions they have. Commonly information needed may include details about your family. These are the size and the number of the members, the basic interest of your family, and the profession you are engaged in. You can also add the basic amenities that are accessible within your own abode such as a pool or garage. Detail on the mode of transportation as well as routes that is pretty much favorable for their stay in your area should also be indicated.

You should also notify them of responsibilities that they have to venture on during their stay such as gardening or attending to the needs of your pet. House rules are a must in this case as you may prohibit night gatherings and parties that may involve alcohol consumption and smoking.

You should also mention to your partner their limits in terms of the equipment and space they can occupy, say for example rooms that they can use. Once these details are given and for your part your own questions are answered, it’s time to have photos and videos that can boost up yours and your partner’s interest in pursuing with the activity.

By doing so, both can have visual idea and evidence of what they are getting into. Phone arrangement can then be done. After which a written agreement can be formed. Make sure to discuss important aspects such as insurance, security, and limitations. Remember this is a big adventure and you are entitled to know all the information. Don’t hesitate to clear out everything on your part. It is in a well-founded contract that you can be ensured of a win-win situation.

The bond involving home exchange is very vital for you and your partner to make the best out of the experience.

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