Thursday, November 12, 2015

Types of Magic Tricks (part 1 of 2)

Magic tricks aim to astonish and bewilder people. They are illusions that aim to entertain a large number of people or just a single person. They can be done in close proximity or with the aid of a large stage at a certain distance from its audience. However the trick is done, successful magic is one that can keep audiences wonder in awe at what has just happened.

There are many different types of magic tricks that performers practice and use to entertain and to astonish. Different magicians try to specialize in one or a couple of the different methods in order to master. Different types of magic usually take years to learn and to master. Here are some of the different types if magic tricks that magicians try to perform and master.

Stage Magic

Stage magic is probably the most popular of all types of magic. Also known as platform magic or stand-up magic, stage magic generally refers to magic being performed for a medium to a large number of spectators. It can either be indoors or out of doors. But what makes stage magic different is that it usually makes use of a number of props to help the magician perform his illusions.

Street Magic

Street magic is a form of magic that usually is performed quite randomly while walking down the street. Street performances are characterized by a lack of big props usually being used in stage magic. What props may be used by a street magician might be something that one can bring in his pockets. What makes street magic so appealing to most people is that it requires a closer interaction with the audience who may happen to be passing by the street. It may also take the magician some considerable skill to master since it may be quite difficult to perform most magic tricks with the audience being so close to see each trick or illusion.

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