Thursday, November 12, 2015

Types of Magic Tricks (part 2 of 2)
Escape Magic

Escape magic is another form or technique used in performing that deals with a variety of tricks that involves confinement or restraints. This type of magic is also known as escapology with the performer usually allows himself to be tied up or confined into a cramped space and locked from the outside. The magic trick stems from the ability of the magician to escape from such restraints without the obvious use of tools despite seemingly insurmountable odds that he finds himself in.


Mentalism is another form of magic where the magician tries to create the impression in the minds of the audience that he possesses special abilities to read thoughts, predict events or control the minds of others. Mentalist feats can either be done with a large or solitary audience, on a stage or close-up.

Theatrical Seances

A theatrical seance is that branch of magic that makes use of spiritualistic or mediumistic methods for effect. It is not usually "spiritual" in nature but is merely meant purely fore theatrical purposes. Magicians who follow this method usually lead the audience to believe that they are conjuring up spirits.

Unfortunately, this is a form of stage magic that is often misused by many con artists pretending to actually be in contact with spirits and mislead people for profit.

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